How to Successfully Stage Your Home for Buyers

So you’ve listed your home, hired the right real estate agent, and now you’re ready for potential buyers to visit the home. Are you ready to peak the buyer’s interest by turning your home into a visually appealing dream? Here are a few ways to successfully stage your home for a walk-through.

Get Rid of the Old

The first and most important step is to declutter the home. Do some spring cleaning and get rid of any old junk that has been sitting around and are needlessly taking up space in corners of the room. Hold a garage sale and sell off any large pieces of furniture that you no longer need. You may be surprised how much you’ve been storing up over the years, but the burden will be off your shoulders once you get rid of the old!

Work on Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. What is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they visit your home? The front lawn, the driveway, and the home’s outer appearance! Spark an interest by sprucing up your front lawn. Remove any dead plants and maintain any shrubs and hedges that may need work. Discuss with your gardener ideas on keeping your grass looking green and fresh. If the grass is lacking, you can landscape the front yard with potted plants and flowers. Keep the area from your driveway leading to the front door clean and neat. You'll want visitors to feel like they are welcomed to knock on the door.

Adjust Lighting

Lighting can have a major effect on the mood and atmosphere of a home. If there is a lack of natural lighting, a home may feel dreary and dark. One way to counter this effect is to brighten the colors of surrounding walls, or add lighting overhead such as skylights or pendant lighting. You can also create a warm inviting space by dimming the lights if you are able to change the settings. Another way to do this is switch out any lightbulbs that have a sharp hue for ones with a warmer glow. Light a candle and set it in a safe space where it can bring extra ambience to the atmosphere.


As buyers walk through an open house, they want to feel welcomed to their potential new home. As they walk through the different rooms, they want to imagine themselves in the space and make it their own. We encourage home owners to depersonalize their environments to make the space as welcoming as possible so that guests may envision themselves in a home that is theirs. Depersonalizing the space includes removing family photos, trinkets, and personal belongings---think of creating a clean slate. This will maximize your home’s selling potential by encouraging potential buyers to imagine themselves moving in.

Recreate the Bedroom space

One easy way to wow potential buyers during their walk-through is to transform your bedroom space. Remove any clutter from the floor and create an open floor space. Buy new linens, pillows, and duvet covers to complement the colors of your painted walls. Soothing colors such as taupe and white are typical colors pairings that can make you feel relaxed. Soften the lighting; change the lightbulbs if needed. You can even bring in vases of green plants and flowers to freshen up the environment.


With these tips in action, your house will be looking ready and fit in no time for open house visitors. Get ready to impress your buyers!